Manchester, Hacienda (Feb. 04, 1983)

The enclosed/attached photographs are not public domain, they are copyrighted by Kevin Cummins. They may only be used for the specific purpose described. They may not be kept in your files for other usage. This will serve as a License for reproduction of supplied photographs by Kevin Cummins in conjunction with a story relating to the photographic exhibition taking place at Proud Galleries entitled: Manchester: So Much to Answer For License for reproduction on paper is contingent upon the use of the following copyright credit: © Kevin Cummins License for reproduction on a website or in other electronic media is contingent upon the use of the following copyright credit: ©Kevin Cummins Online image may be published at no higher than 72dpi. Any other unauthorised usage of the photographs will be subject to a license fee. A fee will be charged if any of the following do not appear: The full title of the exhibition the correct gallery name the running dates of the exhibition the Proud Website address We must be sent a copy of the coverage no later than one week after publication.

Set List:
These Things Take Time / What Difference Does It Make? / The Hand That Rocks The Cradle / Handsome Devil / Jeane / What Do You See In Him? / Hand In Glove / Miserable Lie

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